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We have a dedicated panel of teachers and instructors who provides best education in this field.

Name: SK. Md. Zahidul Islam;Principal; M.Sc. Engineering (CSE) Mobi:-01711242267 Name: Md. Abbas Uddin;Head of the Dept-Computer;Diploma in Engineering (Computer)                  Mobi:-01917145818 IMG_0003 Name: Md.Golam Sharif;Diploma In   Engineering(Civil)(Jr. Instructor(Civil);



Name: Sajib Kumar SInha; Instructor(Civil); B.Sc. Eng. (Kuet)



Comming Soon Name: Md. Shiblur Rahman
Jr.Instructor ; R.S. ;
M.Sc. Mathematics Mo:01716113454
1463225_5519 Name: Abdullah Al Masud Jr. Instructor – Computer;
Diploma in Computer Engineering, Bsc In Eng. (6th Part)Mo: 01717659501
IMG_0005 Name: Md. Abdul Khalek; Head Of Dept.  (Telecommunication) Diploma in Engineering (Telecommunication)  Mo:01924184457
dola Name: Dola Hossain; jr. Instructor– (Textile); Diploma In Textile EngineeringMo: 01722179027
IMG_0001 Name:Bijan Kumar Biswas; Jr. InstructorRS;
B.Sc (Hons)              M.Sc (Physics)      Mo: 01737916050
Name: Debashis Paul
Jr. Instructor R.S;
B.A (Hon’s)                         M.A  (English)                         Mo:01724597679
IMG_0007 Name: Saiful Islam; Jr.InstructorElectronics; Diploma in Engineering (Electronics)  Mobi:-01738752774
Name: Sujon Kumer Das  ;Jr. Instructor. HEad Of the Dept.(Electrical); Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) Mo:01723888702 Name: Md. Mazharul Islam
Jr. Instructor ENT ; Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) Mobi:-01737733524
Name: Md. Soharab Apon;Jr. InstructorComputer;
Diploma in Engineering Mobi: 01917897281
Name: Morjina khatun;Jr. Instructor Computer; Diploma in Engineering Mobi:-01712167079 Name: Md. Arifuzzaman; Instructor (chemistry) Head Of the Dept. (R/S);B.Sc (hon’s) M.sc. Chemistry                   Mo: 01912711202 Name: Md. TahidUllah Tusher;Head Of the Dept – (Textile);
Diploma in Textile Engineering                        Mo: 01717409055

Name: Md. Belal Hossain.

Diploma In TextileEngineering .

Mo: 01925325228     

IMG_0002 Name:Mst Nasrin Akter   Kakoli Jr. Instructor(Civil)
Diploma In Engineering (Civil)   Mo:01725535988