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Message from Principal

21st century is the era of technology. With the help of high technology many country of the world has made a great change in their day-to-day life. In Bangladesh There is no alternative without technical education to develop economic development and living standard of general people. By this time the government has taken steps to enhance the status of technical teachers. To gain technical knowledge one should undergo technical training. To build up science and technical based people there is no other choice of technical education. Present government has taken a policy to build up digital Bangladesh and only it can be achieved by science and technological knowledge. We say digital. What digital ? in fact the equipment, which works on digital technology, is called digital. Obviously this digital technology is the latest advancement of science because, this is the fastest method of transferring information without any error. Rupokalpo ‘‘ Vision 2021’’ has been declared by the government to build a digital Bangladesh. For proper implementation of establishing digital Bangladesh students of Polytechnic Institute should be taken the leading part.

I believe the importance of technical education is understood by the all sectors of the society in our country, which will play a vital rialto build up a prosperous nation.


Engr. Sk. Md. Zahidul Islam