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About MPI

Model Polytechnic Institute is a government-approved technical education institute maintained under the rules of the Technical Board of Bangladesh.

This institution is a part and affiliated with the ” Munshi Sayed Ali Bishwash Foundation Ltd.”  Our promise is to develop our students in such a way that they will be the assets of the twenty-first century and will take steps in the development of Digital Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Academic activities are conducted by more than a hundred highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers, which other Private Polytechnics do not have.
  2. A substantial number of experienced and well-versed retired Polytechnic teachers are engaged in teaching-learning activities of MPI.
  3. Model Polytechnic Institute is tastefully and adequately furnished and equipped to suit appropriate teaching-learning.
  4. MPI is committed to producing skilled Mid-level Engineers with minimum Tuition fees compared to other private polytechnic institutes.
  5. Computer labs are fully air-cooled, providing one computer for every student.
  6. Multimedia, OHP and other modern instructional aids are used in conducting classes.
  7. ICT labs are facilitated with high-speed broad band internet.