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About MPI

Model Polytechnic Institute is a Government approved technical education institute and maintained under the rules of technical Board of Bangladesh.

This institutions is a part and affiliated with the ” Munshi Sayed Ali Bishwash Foundation Ltd.”  Our promise is to develop our students in such a way that they will be the assets of twenty first century and will take  steps in the development of Digital Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Academic activities are conducted by more than hundred highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers what other Private Polytechnics do not have.
  2. A substantial number of experienced and well-versed retired Polytechnic teachers are engaged in teaching-learning activities of MPI.
  3. Model Polytechnic Institute is tastefully and adequately furnished and equipped to suit appropriate teaching-learning.
  4. MPI is committed to produce skilled Mid-level Engineers with minimum Tuition fees compared to other private polytechnic Institute.
  5. Computer labs are fully air cooled providing one computer for every student.
  6. Multimedia, OHP and other modern instructional aids are used in conducting classes.
  7. ICT labs are facilitated with high speed broad band internet.